12 Car Navigational Series

12 Car Navigational Series – EXTRA

Demo 12 Car Route using

Rallyapp Live

To run Covid-19 compliant events Motorsports UK recommend that there are a minimum numbers of officials thereby reducing the risk of contact and transmission, Rallyapp live helps to provide a solution to reducing road side marshals electronically.

CCC & CMC will be using the Rally App Live system on the January 12 Car Friday 22nd January 2021. You will need a mobile device, your mobile phone with GPS turned on should be sufficient.

In advance of this event we have set up a demo event for you to go and try so that you can become familiar with the system. Firstly you must enter the event by filling out an electronic entry form on line found here:
Register/Enter Demo Event

Once you have entered the event you will need to download the Rallyapp live app from the Google play store or apple store. Details of how the app can be found here: https://rally.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/guide.php?sitename=demo

The sign in club will be Ciren

A youtube video of the app in use is available on the Rallyapp facebook page found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373533407159505 (Scroll down to find it).

Or play the video direct Demo Video

Once you are ready print off the self enter time card and the two maps, you may want to transfer the route on to your own maps for more accuracy:

Time CardMap 1Map 2

The demo events start in the big lay-by just north of Bishops Cleeve with MC 1 at the north end of the lay-by. The demo route is timed at 25 MPH.

Once you have completed the event email Martin “Ted” Saunders or Dave Gregory for your results.

If you want to make more than one pass on the same day you will need to make a second entry using a different combination of names and a different mobile phone number, use the same mobile number for driver and navigator per entry.

This demo event is open to anyone to go and try.