Summer Series Round 3 RESULTS – Grand Prix Treasure Hunt


Thanks to the gallant nine (well 8 ½ really) crews who turned up to do the event.
Thanks also to my wife Liz who is now available to provide guided tours of the Cotswolds!!
The paperwork was of the usual standard which provided an additional challenge, particularly the non-existent traffic lights!!
Nearest to the right answer on the tie-decider should have gone to Adam and Holly but was wrongly awarded to Jon and Dave. Adam and Holly, Jon owes you a tape measure!
Somehow I ended up with two tie decider answers for John and Bridget. They were both outrageously wrong so I’ve … err … umm … excluded them from the tie decider. John and Bridget did however win a prize for finishing last!

All in all a pretty good event which I hope you enjoyed.

Phil and Liz Cork

1st. Jon Smith and Dave Evans 85
2nd. Dave Gregory and Rich Clayton 83
3rd. Ewan Hopes, Michelle and Emily 74
4th. Adam Lister and Holly Eaton 73 (on the tie decider)
5th. Dave and Emily Price 73
6th. Kevin and Pauline Smith 66
7th Ian and Elaine 60
8th. Rich Billy no mates Smith 46 (on the tie decider)
9th. John and Bridget Chenery 46