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During the Covid-19 Crisis we are running a series of motoring & motorsport events adapted and tailored to follow the social distancing recommendations.

We are raising money for the Covid-19 Crisis Appeal for NHS Charities together. We have setup a fundraising page via Virgin Money Giving.

Some events will run for the duration, some will be timed events on a specific day. All the event details are be posted below.

If you would like to organise an event or have any ideas on something we can try please contact us.

Keep safe – keep well




Round 1 - The A38 Road Quiz

Start date: Saturday 11th April

Closing Date: TBA

To kick off our series of events, a simple quiz, revamped from one we’ve used before. The questions are based on the A38 Trunk road. Have a go with your family or friends (keeping social distancing in mind).

It’s just for fun – the answers are supplied.

Feel free to make a donation to our chosen charity. Thank you



Round 2 - Virtual 12 Car Rally

Event date: Friday 17th April

A 12 Car Table Top rally with a twist, trying to get as close as we can to the real thing – with timed sections & real live marshals.

Many thanks to all the entries & of course the marshals: Elaine Ward, Gavin Tarrant, Simon Harris and Kev Smith.

We had, 12 starters, with people from far and wide – one competitor took part from his location in his motor home, isolated in a hotel car park, half way up the Alps. With the odd technical glitch the event ran fairly smoothly, with a few tweaks I’m sure a similar event could be on the cards.

Congratulations to Bob Blackstock, winner of the first virtual 12 Car Nv-Ex & first Novice’s – Matthew Baker & Sukie Read. We hope you had an enjoyable time. We’ve raised £227.50 (inc £37.50 gift aid) for the NHS Charities together COVID19 appeal. Many, many thanks.


A couple of sample sections are available by clicking the button below. Hopefully the sample navigation will work ok.


Feel free to make a donation to our chosen charity, we suggest a minimum of £5 per team.






Round 3 - Google Street Treasure Hunt

Start Date: Monday 20th April

Closing Date: Sunday 31st May *

A Treasure hunt, with a difference. Based on a real treasure hunt route from a previously run event, the clues have been modified so that all the answers can be found by using google maps, street view.

Once you press Submit on the entry form the pressure will be on – You will only have one hour to complete the virtual 10 mile route and answer as many of the clues as you can. 

Please feel free to make a donation to our chosen charity.

*The event will close for marking of the answers on 31st May – but will still be available to complete just for fun. Any form submissions after this date may not necessarily be shown on the results page.



Round 4 - Virtual Cotswold NavScat

Date: Sunday 3rd May – RESULTS

Thank you all for taking part and I hope that you had an enjoyable competition. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the Inter Register Club members. There were 50 entries – the last one arriving only an hour before the start.

Thanks to my colleagues at Cheltenham Motor Club for hosting this event. If you haven’t already done so, please make a donation on the Virgin Money Giving page for NHS charities. So far the event has generated c.£500  bringing our Virtual Events total so far to over £820, so thank you all for that.

There were 20 Cluepoints with varying scores depending on complexity of plotting or answers. As there was no driving, which would deny any advantage from an early finish, ties would be resolved by the fastest return.I marked the first 15 answers on your score sheet, as per Regs & Finals.

One or two of you ran out of fuel, a few got lost, Nettie Bradshaw was baulked by her flock of lambing sheep and the Rhodes family had to pull into a layby to change their little boy’s nappy, whilst John Buckley sent Rita off to fetch a cup of tea. Some of the competitors reported seeing a lot of black lines on the road at the long way round triangles, thought to be put down by one of the early numbers.

We have a tie for first overall, both entrants having scored the maximum of 74 points. Having called upon the stewards to scrutinise the times the results are as follows.

1st o/a:  Martin Moore                         Bath Motor Club  74    1hr 39mins
2nd o/a:  Merv Brake                           Woolbridge MC    74    1hr 44mins
1st Novice:  Jonny Bannister              Dolphin MC           70   1hr 55mins
2nd Novice:  Angus & Shirley Bell     Jowett CC              70   2hr 17mins
3rd Novice :  Mike & Liz Dixon          MGCC                     70   2hr 20mins
Best Cheltenham MC:  Dave Gregory / Rich Clayton     68   1hr 16mins

There will be no awards but much kudos for the Class Winners.

Thanks for joining us today, once again my wife Christine, has been a great help with the administration and marking.

Perhaps you will join me again for another virtual event later this year – or even a real one next year in the Malvern area. If you don’t object I shall e-mail you with details.

Bob Blackstock



Entry List








Round 5 - Virtual Evesham NavScat

Date: Sunday 5th July

The event is being hosted by Cheltenham Motor Club but open to any enthusiast, and in particular Members of the Inter Register Club and the MG Car Club.

There is no entry fee but please follow the link and make a donation on the Virgin Money Giving page for NHS charities.

The event will be held in real time on Sunday 5 July 2020.

You must sign on by sending an e-mail to before 12.00 noon on Saturday 4 July 2020. Please state your motor club and the class that you are entering from below. The Maximum entry will be 50.

Class A – Expert      Competitors who have finished in the top three of any navigation scatter event or 12-car rally, or the top ten of a National B Rally, in the last 5 years.

Class B – Novice     Competitors with more limited navigation experience.

Routecards will be sent to entrants by e-mail between 11.00am and 11.50am and you will have 2 hours (Experts) and 2½ hours (Novices) to complete the event by submitting your answers to 15 clues within your time from receipt of your Routecard.

Straightforward navigation techniques will be used and Novice routecards will include more six figure grid references (so a Romer is desirable) with some easy variations for the bigger scoring Cluepoints.

To plot the Cluepoints you will need a recent edition of OS Landranger 1:50,000 Map 150 or use and search Evesham in the Ordnance Survey layer or any other digital mapping using the OS, E.G. Mapyx Quo.

There will be 20 Cluepoints with varying scores depending on complexity of plotting or answers. You must submit a maximum of 15 answers as per usual live naviscat regulations.

Roads and junctions may be used once only in any navigation section to plot each Cluepoint, but the same road may be used again for different navigation sections to reach other Cluepoints.

You will find the answers using Google Earth – Street View and, just as in the real thing, you will have to get out of the car and have a good look around. All answers should be found within 50 metres of the point plotted so you may have to move the little man around to find them or seek a different view.

Maybe have another member of your household sitting beside you and don’t forget to take a packed lunch to the computer.

Results will be distributed by e-mail as soon as possible after 9.00pm on 5 July.

The organiser’s decision is final and cannot be disputed.

Bob Blackstock



Hills Ford Three Shires Stages Dirt Rally 2.0

Three Rounds 12 Stages

Round 1: Monte Carlo – 27th April to 11th May

Round 2: Spain – 11th May to 25th May

Round 3: Germany – 25th May to 8th June

For more details and how to enter click below

Hills Ford Three Shires Stages – Dirt Rally 2.0