Clubhouse opening – LATEST WEF 5th November

We are pleased to announce that during lockdown you will still be able to buy our award winning cask ales. 

You will also be able to purchase real cider and bottles of German and Belgian beers.

There will be one beer available at a time, you can follow which one on the Twitter feed: @neilcmc 
Under the rules it has to be pre-ordered please text this number with your name & quantity: 07394 094470
Please bring your own sealable containers as the restrictions do not allow the use of open glasses etc.

It will be sold in the car park from the side entrance, please follow social distancing and wear a mask.

Thank you all for your support, as a small gesture we are reducing all drinks by 50p per pint/bottle.
Opening times:  5pm – 7:30pm each day
Order: 07394 094470